The ergonomic meditation seat

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Your Ergonomic Meditation Seat

the SACR+OM seat is an exceptional distinguished designer product. It is individiually CNC-manfactured in Switzerland, hand oiled and hand waxed. The seat with its unique form matches the human body ergonomically. It weigths between 900 and 1200 grams and is made out of ecological materials. It is a perfect seat to take with you on your travels because it can be fully disassembled.

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ergonomical 14, 17 and 25 cm

the sit bones of the pelvis stand together in an approximate angle of 90 degrees. SACR+OM picks up this particular geometry and so give the legs an exceptional amount of space. The blood circulation can flow freely. The round shaped feet of the SACR+OM are covered with recycled rubber. Indivudal seat inclination is so automatically possible.

For both seating positions - crossed leg or heel position - the knees have to rest on the ground, or be supported by a cushion. That way the important "three point posture" is possible: Upright torso, arms on the side, one hand lays on the other, thumbs touch each other, head is slightly tilted forward, eyes maybe half closed.

Choose your best hight between 14, 17 and 25 cm - or even on chair level of 50, 55 and 60 cm.



please order your SACR+OM here


please order your SACR+OM here


you will just love your SACR+OM seat! It can accompany you wherever you go. The SACR+OM stool is designed in such a way that it can be dismantled and stowed away in its SACR+OM bag for the journey. Once you arrive you can quickly assemble it again

There is no wrong way to put it together. SACR+OM can be put together in one simple way - the correct one. Have fun!
The SACR+OM stool is stable and weights between 900 and 1200 grams depending upon the selected wood. We give a 5 year warranty for the wood work. Other damages or incorrect assembly are excluded from the warranty.



SACR+OM is fully manufactured in Switzerland. FSC certified enterprises convert high-quality wood from native existence to this singular meditation seat.

Cheap manufacturing does not belong to our philosophy. We are counscious and concerned about global and human health matters and want to support the continuity of our planet. Therfore we do not offer cheap imported products. Our work takes place in the heart of Europe and we bring reliability and quality to our customers.
Therfore we would like to thank you, for using the SACR+OM seat in your daily meditation practice.



please order your SACR+OM here


please order your SACR+OM here


put an individual touch on your SACR+OM seat by selecting a semiprecious stone with the qualities you are looking for. Fix your stone with the suction cup and screw into the center of the seat. The healing energies of the selected stone will work with through your spine during the meditation.

Please read the cleaning instructions for your chosen stone. Not all stones require the same care. Some need water, others sunlight or crystal baths. Be sure to clean your stone regularly.


SACR+OM 50, 55 and 60 cm

Meditation shouldn't mean you have to stress yourself and your body. Some will feel more comfortable sitting in a higher position while others feel comfortable sitting in a cross-legged position. Therefore I have invented the SACROM 50, 55 and 60 cm. Just chose your appropriate hight.

The SACROM 50/55/60 seat can be used for much more than meditation. Because of the stable round feet it can have many positive effects for your lower vertebras. Use it at your working place, while playing an instrument or while conducting therapies such as cranio, ostheopathy and many more ... it is even great for students doing their homework.

Come and try out the SACROM 50/55/60 and find out which height is right for you: Stadelhoferstrasse 28, CH-8001 Zuerich, to schedule an appointement call +41 44 261 18 38

please order your SACROM 48/57/64 cm here